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Links I liked (edition #4)

June 23, 2013

Been quiet on the blog since, oh, March 02013. So these links are mostly very old in Internet years. But still worth a look. – now that’s how to do a movie interview. Shades of Hugh Grant’s faux Horse and Hound gig in Four Weddings, without the excessive politesse. – got a tiny (probably urban) garden-like space and an urge to grow salad? This one’s for you. – there’s not nearly enough evidence-finding in education. Here’s an idea or two from Ben Goldacre on how to change that. Hopefully this will become just “what we do” within a generation or so. – if your plans for world domination involve wiping out a specific type of rare, ocean-dwelling bacteria, you might want to find another plan. Otherwise, just read this and enjoy a cool application of massive sampling and data processing. – simple combination of existing components with a mobile app as the bridge to make it part of everyday life. Lovely.